VAfrica had an amazing time filming with students of The Way Preparatory School in Freetown. The Grace Christian Church started the school in September 2007 to curb the shortage of quality education and contribute to the development of the local community. For 14 years, the school has stayed on the path of arming the students with knowledge despite inadequate/lack of funding. 

VAfrica camera Director Hassan Lahassin and camera operator Idris Kanu showing some of the students how to operate cameras.

The lack of classrooms and running water systems which are a need has not stopped the focused team led by headmistress Mrs. Sandi in offering adequate education to all children, regardless of where they come from. It is people and initiatives like these that are contributing to the growth of our beautiful continent. With the little the church has, they have created a system that is contributing immensely to the future of all the children who go through The Way Preparatory school and the country at large.

Students listening to VAfrica founder’s presentation about the importance of story telling and the media.

If you are in Freetown or you find yourself in the Sierra Leonean capital, visit the energetic students of The Way Preparatory School and spread some love. Big thank you to the wonderful work the students did in the filming of this mini-documentary. We visited them again on the 16th of June to sit down and watch their work together before publication.

VAfrica went back to The Way School to show the students the video they helped create.


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