The LAND stretches her eyes and pictures 
The beautiful images that describe her features. 
She has lost the shape
Of how she was meant to be.
Especially when her breeds have vowed to
Cultivate unscrupulous customs
That will lead her to the sea.
Her eyes engulfed with blood 
Painfully bleed like an injured bird. 

Her countenance appears crumpled like
A frustrated old chimpanzee
She has lived for million years
 Scrambling to instill LOVE, PEACE,
And INTEGRITY in her breeds.
But her virtue is downgraded  by her kids.

What is LOVE?
What does it mean to be a patriot?
I mean,
What is integrity?
Integrity is doing what is right.
Standing for nothing but for 
Strong moral principles. 

Lion mountain needs integrious breeds.
Breeds that can breathe out the fraudulent tricks
And handle the public sectors
With decency and respect. 

It's high time we started processing our conscience 
And give ears to the voices of our pillows
Our hands have been dishonest 
Our clandestine syndicates are unclean 
Our service is vague
Our tongues tell the unfaithful truths 
Our savings are heavier than our wages.
Our houses are built with illegal funds. 
What have we done to pick the bones?
Which move do we have in mind 
To eradicate the massive defalcation?

All of us want to reach the limelight.
But how many of us that won't play hide and seek? 
How many of us that'll spare 
What belongs to the seven million population?
How many of us that dance to the whims 
Of the Scorpion Team?

What's our mission?
Our mission is to make Sierra Leone 
Becomes the paradise we see in our dreams. 
And every breed has to portray
 INTEGRITY in every facet
Because the bridge of integrity has broken. 
So we must listen because 
Sierra Leone has fallen. 
We must stand firm to rebuild 
The broken edges.
So if we care, we must listen. 
And change our bad ways.
Jame I. Kanu

James Issa Kanu, whose pen name is Grammarian, is an English Language and Literature Teacher at Martile International School. He is a poet, playwright, and a public speaker. He has a strong passion for literature. James Issa Kanu headed several student leadership positions during his days at Freetown Polytechnic. He served as President for Sierra Leone Debating Council Freetown Polytechnic Chapter, Minister of Education in the Students Union Government and subsequently voted in as Student Union President. In 2020, he emerged as a 3rd winner in a poetry competition organized by Sierra for Life.


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