J. Celine

Wordsmith Live Ep.1


Wordsmiths Live is a show that seeks to promote and introduce the world to African poets and poetry. The random episodes feature one poet per episode where they share a poem or two and sheds more light on who they are.

In the first episode, we hosted J. Celine, real name Jeneba Marah, a Kuranko woman born in Kabala is a young leader, poet, writer, actress, model, women and girls advocate. She started writing at a young age with her first article getting published on the Salone Times Newspaper under kids zone in 2010. 

Currently employed as an administrator, she has worked as a volunteer for Restless Development Sierra Leone and she is the Western Rural chairperson for Network of Youth for Development Sierra Leone (NYDSL) since 2015 to date. 

On-screen, J. Celine has starred in countless Sierra Leonean movies, documentaries, and music videos. J. Celine is Miss Las Banking 2021 winner.

She started writing poetry at the age of 18 with the aim of promoting gender equality and mass involvement in national development.

Below are the written versions of the poetry J. Celine recited.


Many want to fight themselves for Money, Power, and fame

Many want to gain the world and lose their soul

Many do not want to die But they want to go to heaven

Many do not want to give 

But they want to take

Many do not want to pray 

But they want to be blessed 

Many do not want to praise God for his grace in their lives

But they want to be praise

Many do not want to labor to earn their daily bread

But they want their bread and butter

           In this tiny world

Let God be the judge and not man

Let God bless you and not man

Let God be the provider and caretaker not man

             In this tiny world

All that man is supposed to do is to have…

Love for one another

Care for one another

Respect for one another.

©J. Celine

Back in the days

She is crying, angry, naughty, and wants to go back in the days

The days of the barter system 

The days of blood diamond

The days of slavery 

The days of practicing culture and tradition

The days of love and respect

The days of no fashion dress but ronko

The days of no slippers but bear feet

The days of no civilization

The days of no mobile phone but letters

The days of no car but traveling by feet

The days of no television but kuku

Because I am tired of seeing what is not right these days

These days there is no barter system that is why things are hard

These days our diamond will turn to stone 

These days because of freedom some people want to take the law into their hands

These days we are not practicing our culture and tradition rather the western world style 

These days there is no love and respect

These days if you are not a fashionista you will not feel belong

These days’ fashions want to make some people go mad

These days if you put on the same slippers on different occasion some people will make it a highlight on FB

These days everyone is now civilized as a result no one is willing to learn from someone

These days mobile phone is damaging our homes, marriages, relationships, and families

These days most people hate to travel on feet 

These days television is leading our children in a way that book is no more their friend

Please let somebody take me back I want to go……..

To those days I was not Bron but am in love with it, due to stories I have been heard by our grandparent…..

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