The overloaded omnibus zooms past dusty plains that were once home to an array of rainforest animal and plant species. From the backseat, a senior citizen wonders if this crammed piece of metal on wheels was picked up from the scrapyard and given to a kush addict as a toy. Amadu whispers a plea for protection from the heavens as the omnibus leaves an okada rider hurling insults at the driver. Although he has been taking these trips weekly for as long as he could remember, he does not seem to get used to them, if it were up to him he would not be embarking on this life-threatening journey every week but his five children need to be fed.

Amadu Sesay is a reed artisan from the town of Waterloo, fifty minutes east of the capital Freetown in Sierra Leone. He travels to the provinces every week to select the finest and strongest of reeds that he will later process and turn into beautiful pieces of art and articles of clothing. From glasses without lenses to vegetable baskets, Amadu takes his time and creates with love these ornamental pieces of art with high hopes that someone will exchange their money for them so he can get by.

“I’ve been practising this work for a long time with no tangible success.” Says a tired Amadu. “I plead with those watching this video to come to my help so I can be able to make enough money and move to a business friendly environment. I have been doing this for a lifetime;”

“my wish is to pass these skills to future generations before my time passes, so if there is anyone out there with the capacity to assist, please do.”

Mr Amadu Sesay succumbed to a disease that caused his feet to swell on the 28th of 2022. May his soul rest in peace.


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