You were a lion among deer’s,
Thy roar gave them a PHOBIA.
Thy name spelled “glorious” to men,
You were their god in disguise, and their SAVIOR.
Kings trembled in fear to THY MENTION.
Thousands bowed before thee from every DIMENSION of THY NATION,
“Ngulu Ya Nawambe, the giant of my father’s GENERATION.

Even thy enemies shivered to thy wrath for if thee strikes. Away they got DRIFTED.
Black hat on thy head, black sunglasses on thy face and thy left hand carrying the mighty “Litchowa”, the type of man to fight a war without being ASSISTED.
More like Rapture, the tone of thy voice had thy people’s souls LIFTED,
I swear, the music from your mouth was GIFTED.
Thunders and storms strike to thy anger’s manifestation, even climate itself FEARED THEE.
Thy dangerous sting upon the fresh of thy rivals spelled “harm”, you were more of a VICIOUS BEE.

(The fall)

Thy demise birthed a lot of TRUMOR.
“The great Iroko has fallen”, something like a nightmare, or a movie DRAMA.
Thy loyal subjects wept bearing heavy hearts, “Death HAS EDGED,
The “sailing is over”, the great Titanic has SUBMERGED.
Down down the deepest bottoms of the ocean Ngulu Ya Nawambe WENT,
“We hope they crown you king there”, Hy warm heart of Africa WEPT.
You left thy Malawi a WIDOW,
The groom has departed and in pane(pain) they moaned, may nature see your spirit through the WINDOW.

Looking at the biology of mother “Malawi” and ITS GEOGRAPHY,
the study came to an end and a question got raised, “is the warm heart ready for DEMOCRACY?
thy fall left thousands of hearts deep in FEAR.
as it paved the way for the power takeover by those that got GREEDY,
I am saying, Hy fall left Mother Malawi broken and thy fall left thousands of hearts BLEEDING.
People killing people, kingdoms invading kingdoms, I am saying it is your demise that ignited THE FIRE,
That will forever burn the ego of those that idolised your EMPIRE.
But though that truth remains, Malawi will forever live to EMBRACE the legacy of NGULU YA NAWAMBE


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