VAfrica + Legend Muzik !

VAfrica theme by Legend Muzik, filmed on location in Freetown Salone.


VAfrica joined forces with Legend Muzik,  Ambassador Patricia Kabia and producer Dan Khan. together we created the VAfrica music video.  Working with several communities around Freetown was AMAZING!  The song itself was written by Legend Musik, the rising stars of the Salone music scene. The VAfrica theme tune video was edited at the VAfrica studio and filmed on location at Charlotte falls, Calaba town, Progressive Handicap Development Association (Waterloo), The Way Preparatory School (Brookfields), the Waterloo Lumpa community Brookfields community in Freetown and Bureh Beach.

The concept of the video came together over several weeks it was important to us that as meant people in the local areas were included as much as possible. Had we the funds we would have toured the whole of Sierra Leone so on a budget of $100 USD this is what we did. Everybody involved in the filming gave their time and creativity to this project for no payment, however we were rewarded in many ways not lest we all came to tother learnt and shared in the love of the business.

The talent and creativity in Salone shine through! With little resources the family and communities produced something special. The input of George Lewis (VAfrica creative director) and Hassan (VAfrica head editor) show just how we have come together. To be accepted into the hearts of the people in the communities we work in fills me with immense respect and warmth. One people many cultures!

Zac darkes VAfrica Founder

This is a piece of music is made for change in a country that is alive with struggle, every day we hustle every day we strive to get to the next day. We live with death we fight for a freedom that will one day come. A freedom from exploitation, mismanagement and corruption together as one people music and poetry unites us to a common end one of love, community and strength. We have suffered for too long through coming together we make the change. VAfrica is our platform for change bringing the peoples of Africa together a voice for everyone, a voice for the everyday people that provide there labor to enable others.

We also filmed a behind the scenes video which will be released in a few weeks. It shows how we filmed and how we recorded in the studio!  

Legend Muzik

Founded in 2020 by Mohamed Binho Junior a music label from Calaba town in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Legend Muzik produces quality sounds that motivate, entertain and satisfy music fans locally and globally. The record label is currently home to some of the best rising music stars in Sierra Leone, Zainnie Zilla, Lexx Lexx, King IV, and Pa Almame.

Dan Kan

The renowned Dan Kan, award winning Sierra Leonean producer and musician . Most popular songs in Freetown are laced with the tag Dan Kan on the beat.

Patricia Kabia

is an activist, founder of the Patricia for Children Foundation and the Secretary General for Youth in Human Rights Sierra Leone. Patricia was born with a physical challenge but that hasn’t stopped her from reaching higher. She is a vocal coach, songwriter, musician, jingle writer and project song writer. Patricia uses music as a tool to advocate for girls and women and sensitise them through music.

The Way Preparatory School

Founded in 2007 by the Grace Christian Church in Brookfields, Freetown. The church started the school to offer the less privileged children in their community quality education. The Way Preparatory school gave us a warm welcome into their premises and we filmed this documentary with the help of the students.

Charlotte waterfall

Located near the Charlotte village, a short thirty-minute drive from Freetown. The Charlotte village was established in the 1800s by Charles Mcarthy. This gracious waterfall, named after Princess Charlotte of Wales, also serves as a hydroelectric plant that supplies the city of Freetown with electricity. Learn more about the waterfall through this mini-documentary VAfrica did.

Progressive Handicap Development Association

Offering activities that include training of physically challenged people in blacksmithing, tin smithing, tailoring, weaving, welding, metal works, shoe making, sports and agriculture. The organisation has over sixty members in Waterloo and Newton. PHDA was created and is directed by physically challenged people.

Breathe Yoga and Wellbeing

Yoga studio located in Freetown. Yoga is a union of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that originated in ancient India. Their mission is to educate, empower and enhance wellbeing through the transformation of yoga practice, thus reducing stress, pain, depression and trauma. They are located at the National stadium understand 12.


Located in the Western Area, lies capital of the Western Area Rural District Waterloo. With a population of over 40 000 it is the second largest city after Freetown in the Western Area. It boasts of ethnic diversity with each ethnic group forming less than 30% of the population. We filmed some of the scenes of the music video in the lovely community of Lumpa. The people welcomed us with smiles and compassion.

Bureh beach

Over an hour’s drive from the capital, Bureh beach is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in Sierra Leone. The white sand, mountains, palm trees and the gentle breeze produce a relaxing scenery. Fresh delicious seafood is another great attraction. The beach is run by the community and is cleaned very well.

Brookfields community

Some parts of the video were filmed in the Brookfields community where the VAfrica Studio is located. Featured in the video is a compound which is directly opposite ours where Mabinty Conteh and Mamy Lamboy reside. Mabinty comes to the studio to learn how to use computers and helps around. We appreciate and love our neighbours.


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