Fatmata S. Kamara – Woman with a vision


The beauty of existence lies in the diversity of species roaming the earth and treading the seas. When one glances around, one can’t help but marvel at the varied shades of green that serve the air we inhale. From the smallest to the largest being on the globe, we are complementing each other every fraction of a second that passes by. Some have deviated from life’s natural way and made living a burden for those of us born different.

Fatmata S. Kamara is a young woman living with dwarfism in Waterloo, a town in the capital of Sierra Leone.

From Waterloo, one of the biggest townships in Freetown Sierra Leone comes Fatmata S. Kamara, a 23-year-old little woman who has a genetic complication that caused her to be dwarfed. This rare genetic disorder has brought into her life bullies who tease her for her height and make it seem as if it’s her fault she isn’t as tall as most of her peers. This hasn’t provoked her to detest herself, seemingly it has cemented her love for herself and God.

Fatmata S. Kamara telling her life story to VAfrica.

“God created every individual being in His image. When people make fun of me, they don’t realize that they are making fun of the Creator.” says determined Fatmata. Regardless of what people think, say about her, she is a woman with a drive to bring her dreams to life. Humanity is not in your physical or audible characteristics, but in the way you present yourself towards every human, animal, or object you meet. Just like everything in the universe, we are tiny parts of an immense existence. Let love lead.

Princess Baryoh of VAfrica interviewing Fatmata S. Kamara in Waterloo, Sierra Leone.


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