I went through hell just to show nothing can break me, 
Every animate and inanimate being is designed to grow, 
All I had to do was let go. 
You can say I was born again, 
Since that day I am not the same, 
Something in me changed, 
I could smile through the pain 
I could watch people leave me for dead and still not blame
Because under the love and the hate we are all the same. 
If a white cow can graze with a green cow, 
What can stop Tonga and Shona from cohabiting? 
You still thinking about the green cow huh? 
I mean; everything is possible and nothing is impossible, 
But what are we? What is all we see?  Nothing and everything, 
Different sides of the same coin 
Colours could be everything and chaos the order of the day 
Or they could be nothing and we live today 
Seeking profit for the individual and the whole race.
That's the only race we can truly win as race. 
I mean look at what greed has done to the Amazon, 
What happens when you drive a sharp knife into a heart? 
Yes it dies, so does it's host.
All things being equal, focus your energy on the plus side. 
We are one!
Raised in the mountains of Matopo, S’phongo is an exceptional poet and spoken word artist.


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