Charles Anglin

With roots stretching as far as Jamaica, London born, Sierra Leonean by choice.


Charles Anglin has lived a life of exploration in numerous African countries and continues to create and unfold more adventures. From staring a crocodile in the eyes while camping to being the first to congratulate a Kenyan president when he got elected, Charles has made himself a distinguished figure in the African political sphere.

Charles sat down with VAfrica’s S’phongo to share his thoughts on the past and future of the motherland. Inspired by a show about the newly independent states of Africa he watched on BBC, he decided to one day make his home in the richest continent on planet earth. It was not until 30 years later that he managed to make his dream a reality and for the past 10 years he has been changing lives and making dreams come true in Africa.

Charles has worked as a government advisor in Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa to mention just a few. In his current home of choice Sierra Leone, he has worked as an election campaign manager for the current government. Anglin said he is currently working on a project that will change the world’s perspective about the beautiful Mama Salone and make her known to those who are in the dark about her elegant beaches and loving dwellers.

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VAfrica Operations Director S'phongo is a spoken word artist, poet, author from the village of Sotshe in Matopos, Zimbabwe. S'phongo's ability to fuse performance with poetry has earned him slam champion titles in Harare and Freetown. S'phongo has performed in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast. Italy and has been featured on international online events from USA, U.K, India to mention just a few. He was one of the featured poets on the 2022 edition of the Bronx Book Fair. He has appeared on Star TV Sierra Leone, SLBC, 3KTV, Afri Radio, Radio Mercury, Radio Democracy, Heart and Soul Zimbabwe and on ,ultiple online podcasts.


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