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Charlotte waterfall

Treasures that are to be preserved

The Charlotte village that hosts the gracious Charlotte waterfall is among the Western Mountain Rural Villages created by Governor Charles Marcarthy in the 1800s to absorb the growing presence of the Re-captives/Liberated Africans. Neighbor to Regent and Leicester, the villagers practice subsistence farming to meet their daily nutritional needs. A majority Christian community, its population consists of a greater number of descendants of the Creole ethnic group.

Charlotte Falls Freetown Sierra Leone

Named after Princess Charlotte of Wales, the village experienced a deadly mudslide in 1945 which forced a large number of the population to abandon the place. Smiles and waves greet you 20 minutes from Freetown city as you drive through the traditional Creole houses sitting afore a beautiful green background. The scenery brings a calmness that washes the loud horns and deafening engines of the bikes and 3 wheeler taxis.

VAfrica presenter Issadin K

Waterfalls are real nature’s treasures that are to be preserved and gainfully utilized for the good of the nation, particularly the people living in the communities where they are found. Apart from the captivating view and feel you get from the waterfall, one can also marvel at the hydroelectric plant that generates electricity for the city and unfortunately not for the natives of Charlotte village. This is an issue that can be left to the relevant authorities to explore.

Issaden presenting Idrissa as first camera, Hassan DOP

Everyone needs a time out from everything once in a while. The country of Sierra Leone is a safe haven to disappear to with alluring beaches, diverse rainforests, a rich history, stories of relience, majestic waterfalls, mouth watering spicy recipes and gratifying adventures. Almost 20 years after a devastating civil war which left many scars that will never heal, Salone is one of the most peaceful countries in the world sitting at number 46 in the Globale Finance magazine’s list of peaceful nations. Pack your travelling bag, get your go pro ready and come see Sweet Salone.

Drone pilot Jacob (left)with Idrissa, princess (centre) and Issadin (right)

Special mention to the Assistant Director of Cultural Affairs, Sierra Leone, Mr. Ishmeal Abu Kamara. For providing writings, research and advise.

A big thank you to the Sierra Leone National Tourist Board for their support in making all the VAfrica VSalone Travel guide content!!  

Check out our brotha Issadin VAfrica was happy to partner with this amazing guy. Big respect is due !!

We partnered with the great Issadin K on the day check out his YouTube channel !!

Issadin K’s channel is about making inspirational, Documentary and Creative videos to educate people about life and society in Sierra Leone his home land.

For inquiries email: issadin

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