Yabom – the girl who’s strength feeds all

the girl who's strength feeds all


In some of the rural settlement’s in our country Sierra Leone, there are communities that are engaged in sand mining they as a business to provide for themselves and families. In communities like that of Yaboms their are many people who have dropped out of school, widows and orphans.

The work is back braking in the Heat, cold and hevey rains of Sierra Leone a 17 year old girl fights every day to save her family and provide a life for them. 75,000 Leones ($7 usd) is all Yabom makes from one boat load, this can take up to 1 day to mine.

a boat used for mining

One of those rural communities is called the Betfarm, where a 17 year old girl whose name is Yabom Kargbo has become the bread winner of her family. Yabom is the first born to her parents was attending to one of the best schools in the district (Cambridge Academy School Lumpa). Yabom was forced to leave school, as a result of her farther becoming ill from working as a sand miner.

Holes created by sand mining

Yabom decided to take over her father’s place as the bread winner by supporting her entire family, of six younger sisters a mother and father. The only money she gets to buy food comes from mining the sand. With out the business the family would starve and be forced into even greater poverty.

VAfrica family interviewing Yaboms mother
George Lewis (creative Director) filming mother and siblings

Big shout out to Hidden Voices Salone for the introduction.

Story and research from By Idrissa R Kanu

Idrissa R Kanu


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