Meet Meda. After graduating from the University of North Texas with a degree in Public Health, Meda left the States and moved to her home Sierra Leone, to rediscover her roots and further pursue her passions.

Meda sat down with VAfrica’s Doreen to chat about her experiences in the U.S compared to Sierra Leone, as well as her reasons for moving. Meda believes that there is an immense amount of beauty and potential in Mama Salone. She feels it is up to Sierra Leone to tap into that potential and make her beauty shine bright on the world stage. Meda aligns herself with the idea that

Sierra Leone does not need “saving”, but needs people to believe in the greatness that lies in its borders and in its people.

She imagines that this mindset will start a domino effect, making collective growth and improvement imminent.


Meda is motivated to uplift people, particularly women and young adults, in any way that she can. She is determined her ongoing journey will inspire others to take the journey towards unconditional self-love and ultimately, total reclamation of the self. Meda plans to see as much of Sierra Leone as possible and learn about the country’s rich culture, while also contributing to the greater cause of uplifting Sierra Leone and her magnificence.

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VAfrica Operations Director S'phongo is a spoken word artist, poet, author from the village of Sotshe in Matopos, Zimbabwe. S'phongo's ability to fuse performance with poetry has earned him slam champion titles in Harare and Freetown. S'phongo has performed in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast. Italy and has been featured on international online events from USA, U.K, India to mention just a few. He was one of the featured poets on the 2022 edition of the Bronx Book Fair. He has appeared on Star TV Sierra Leone, SLBC, 3KTV, Afri Radio, Radio Mercury, Radio Democracy, Heart and Soul Zimbabwe and on ,ultiple online podcasts.


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