Bringing a smile to children living on the streets of Freetown

Laughter Africa is a charitable organization that has been...

Charming Lawrenzo – Self taught blogger from Sierra Leone

You can learn anything if you are determined and patient enough. A self-taught content creator, Lorenzo has grown to become a producer of Daily Trend and Top 20 on AYV, has close to 100 000 followers on Facebook and is one of the go to bloggers in Sierra Leone. “Most people in Sierra Leone don’t understand the importance of content creators.” He says during the interview. Lorenzo is determined to reshape this perception of bloggers.

The Way School in Freetown

The lack of classrooms and running water systems which are a need has not stopped the focused team led by headmistress Mrs. Sandi in offering adequate education to all children regardless of where they come from.

Freetown to Cape Town with Parkinson’s

Meet Guy Deacon, a retired British military colonel living with Parkinson’s disease. Guy got diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2011 at 50, which he said is an early age for one to have the disease.

Art man of Waterloo

Amadu whispers a plea for protection from the heavens as the omnibus leaves an okada rider hurling insults at the driver.

Thru Hell

I could watch people leave me for dead and still not blame Because under the love and the hate we are all the same. If a white cow can graze with a green cow, What can stop Tonga and Shona from cohabiting? You still thinking about the green cow huh?